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Greetings from President

As new president of Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd. (“Ichiyoshi”), I would like to extend my greetings to Ichiyoshi's shareholders, customers, officers and employees.
Firstly, I should like to assure you that I am totally committed to do all I can to move forward with Ichiyoshi's management motto of remaining “the Firm of Customers' Trust and Choice.”
I am fully aware that the Japanese economy is in the midst of unpredictable change and that expectations for our securities industry are enormous. Ichiyoshi will make most of its growth strategies to meet with such expectations.

“Let's build a securities house like no other.”

The catchword among Ichiyoshi's officers and employees is “Let's build a securities house like no other.”
A company may tend to behave out of interest of its own, in which case the company may find it hard to act for the benefit of customers. Ichiyoshi, being at its growing-up stage, is determined to primarily focus on customers' needs and requirements. Such determination is a source of growth for Ichiyoshi which carries out face-to-face advisory activities with customers .on a daily basis.
To enhance meeting-based customer consultations, Ichiyoshi will proceed further with its local community-focused business activities. As part of such activities, Ichiyoshi may tie up or merge with regional securities firms as need be.
As and when the flow of money from “savings to investments” develops further, I believe it possible for Ichiyoshi and customers to enjoy a satisfactory growth as planned.
I will be very appreciative of your unending support and patronage to Ichiyoshi.