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Greetings from President

 Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd. (“Ichiyoshi”) aims to be a name-brand boutique house in the securities industry under the Company’s management motto of “Remaining a Firm of Customers’ Trust and Choice.”
 Circumstances surrounding the securities industry are on the cusp of great changes due to the advancement of financial technology in particular. Transforming itself along such changes, the securities industry will have to grow and create new value on the basis of conventional value. A critical point in such transformation is whether the securities industry, as with other industries, will be able to provide services fully matching each customer’s will and demand. To put it in another way, we will have to change our style from the one focused on products only to the one focused on customer’s will and demand.
 Following the “Credo” (corporate philosophy) that Ichiyoshi has set, all of us at Ichiyoshi, officers and employees in a body, have endeavored to provide customers with high value-added proposals. Ichiyoshi will follow up further on the customer- consulting method that it has developed to grasp customers’ will and demand for appropriate provision of products, thereby securely riding the wave of changes in the market.
 Following its action guideline of “Long Term Good Relation,” Ichiyoshi is determined to be a customers’ life-time partner, and all of us at Ichiyoshi, officers and employees alike as financial professionals, will make our whole-hearted efforts to “Remain a Firm of Customers’ Trust and Choice” on the strength of Ichiyoshi’s own research and analysis.
 Your continued support and patronage will be highly appreciated.