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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile*Consolidated basis
Company Name Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd.
Founded Aug 18, 1950
Head Office 2-14-1 Hatchobori , Chuo-ku , Tokyo
Representative Executive Officer Minoru Kobayashi
President, Representative Executive Officer & Director
Tel 03-3555-6210
Capital 14,577 million yen (As of September 30, 2017)
Net worth 34,627 million yen (As of September 30, 2017)
Equity ratio 51.6% (As of September 30, 2017)
Number of Employees 975 (parent) (As of September 30, 2017)
Number of Offices 50 branch offices in Japan (As of November 6, 2017)
Securities exchange of listed 1st Section at Tokyo Stock Exchange
Board of Directors(As of Jun. 26, 2017)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director Masashi Takehi
Director Minoru Kobayashi
Director Shiro Tateishi
Director (external) Akira Gokita
Director (external) Kenro Kakeya
Director (external) Takashi Ishikawa
Director (external) Kota Sakurai
Three Statutory Committees
Nominating Committee, Chairman, Director Masashi Takehi
Nominating Committee, Director (external) Akira Gokita
Nominating Committee, Director (external) Kenro Kakeya
Remuneration Committee, Chairman, Director Masashi Takehi
Remuneration Committee, Director (external) Akira Gokita
Remuneration Committee, Director (external) Kenro Kakeya
Audit Committee, Chairman, Director (external) Takashi Ishikawa
Audit Committee, Director (external) Akira Gokita
Audit Committee, Director (external) Kota Sakurai
Executive Officers
Executive Chairman Masashi Takehi
President, Representative Executive Officer Minoru Kobayashi
Managing Executive Officer Shiro Tateishi
Executive Officer Toru Koyama
Executive Officer Ichiro Sakajiri
Operating Officers
Head Operating Officer Toshiyuki Mizunoue
Senior Operating Officer Masaki Yano
Senior Operating Officer Mikio Nio
Senior Operating Officer Hiroshi Ryugen
Senior Operating Officer Hirofumi Tamada
Operating Officer Kiyotaka Mochida
Operating Officer Masao Sugiura
Operating Officer Kazuaki Sato
Operating Officer Masayoshi Takahashi
Operating Officer Mitsuyoshi Matsumura
Operating Officer Kenichi Asada
Operating Officer Shoichi Yamazaki
Operating Officer Jiro Tsuboi
Operating Officer Masami Takeda
*1 Mr.Akira Gokita,Mr.Kenro Kakeya,Mr.Kota Sakurai are Non-Executive Directors, defined by fifteenth paragraph of Section 2 of the Corporate Law.
*2 Ichiyoshi Securities is a committees-based company.