About Ichiyoshi

Greetings from President

We at Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd. (the Company) celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Company’s incorporation in August, 2020. The 70 years of history is a result of the patronage our customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders have given to the Company.

Under the motto of “Build a Company like No Other in Japan,” the Company’s officers and employees, all united as one, have exerted efforts to realize customer-oriented asset management responding to changing times in accordance with our unwavering management policy going back to the Company’s foundation. Our management target has been the creation of “Name-brand Boutique House in Finance and Securities Industry,” based on face-to-face sales with our determination to be “Number One for Each Customer,” persistently sticking to quality instead of assortment-style presentation.

This philosophy of the Company and action guidelines for officers and employees are put together in the form of “Credo,” which officers and employees carry with them, so that we shall be chosen as an indispensable partner for each customer.

About 20 years ago, we changed our business model from the one mainly based on brokerages to the asset-accumulation model based on customer-oriented medium- to long-term diversified investment.

Specifically, while presenting “core assets” as a base for stable asset growth, we make medium- to long-term diversified investment proposals containing small- and medium-cap- growth stocks selected through the strong research capabilities of the Company group. This style of presentation and proposals have met with expectations of retail, institutional, financial and corporate investors at large.

From April, 2020, the Company has started its New Medium-Term Management Plan “Attack 3” under the fresh management team.

Wishing for your continued patronage and support,

Sincerely yours,

Minoru Kobayashi

Hirofumi Tamada
Representative Executive Officer