Greetings from President

Launch of the new “3・D”
Medium-Term Management Plan

Hirofumi Tamada Representative Executive Officer

Based on the motto of “Build a Securities Company like No Other in Japan,” the Ichiyoshi Group is working every day toward achieving our goal of being a “name-brand boutique house” in the financial industry. In the “Ichiyoshi Credo” that we established in 2006, we defined the importance of all stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, and society, and are working to improve business results and maximize corporate value, while constructing a business model for sustained growth.

The business model our company is aiming for is a “stock-type business model.” Since its founding, Ichiyoshi has been dedicated to the “customer prioritization” philosophy. Following the “Japanese Big Bang” that occurred in the latter half of the 1990s, we decided to change direction from “savings to investment,” and shifted toward asset management advice as we aimed to be a securities company that can be of service by safely and steadily growing its customers’ assets.

Specifically, we provide face-to-face advice in line with customers’ needs and investment intentions. On top of “core assets” for stable management, we provide advice for medium-and long-term diversified investments composed of combinations of the small-and medium-cap growth stocks that are a strength of the Ichiyoshi Group.

In order to push forward with the transition from a flow-type business model that is centered on brokerage commissions to a stock-type business model, in April 2023 we launched the new “3・D” Medium-Term Management Plan targeting the end of March 2026. We will strive to meet the expectations of a wide range of customers including individuals, corporations, institutional investors, and financial institutions, and will strive for further growth based on expanding the assets under custody that is the most important index of our company’s management.
We ask for your continued guidance and support.

Hirofumi Tamada

August 2023
Hirofumi Tamada
President, Representative Executive Officer & Director