About Ichiyoshi

Greetings from President

Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd. (“Ichiyoshi”) aims to be a name-brand boutique house in the securities industry under the management motto of “Remaining a Firm of Customers’ Trust and Choice.”

The governmental policy of promoting the flow of capital “from savings to investments” was initially advanced and then that of “from savings to asset-building” has been advocated for some time. Now 10 years on, however, there has not been much change. Thus, it seems difficult to move mountains only by producing high-quality products or focusing on existing high-net-worth customers.

We believe that it is very important to gauge “the potential needs” of customers to challenge the task of building the boutique house. The word “customers’ needs” is often used, but it generally tends to be superficially applied in a standardized manner. The mere hearing-based collection of customers’ needs will not lead to any solution of problem. In order to enhance the satisfaction of each individual customer, it is essential for us to assist him in finding products and services which even he is not aware of but suit his real needs. We believe that such assistance is our mission as financial advisers.

Under the ultra-low interest rate circumstances still continuing, we will walk in close step with customers to find their potential needs and make their dreams come true. And above all, we will come face-to-face with customers in such a manner as they will feel it “pleasant” and “fun” to associate with Ichiyoshi.

Your continued support and patronage will be highly appreciated.

Faithfully yours,

Minoru Kobayashi

Minoru Kobayashi
President, Representative Executive Officer & Director