About Ichiyoshi

Triangular Pyramid Management

Triangular Pyramid Management is our unique style that supports our target of the construction of a “Name-Brand Boutique House.”

Specifically, this management style is centered on customer prioritization, with research expertise forming the base of the pyramid, and the retail, wholesale and support/product divisions forming the facets. Our control and planning division is the plinth on which the entire structure sits. It is a management style that is intended to maximize the capabilities of each division and affiliated company.

Furthermore, through the co-working synergy of each division, we will raise the quality of our products, information and customer services, which will consequently render us valuable to customers in their priority areas of asset management and business administration.

All of the Company's future strategies derive from and are executed through this management philosophy.

Basic principle regarding products for individual customers

“We will not sell products merely because they are popular”
The Seven “Ichiyoshi Standards” in effect for 20 years or so

  • We do not handle publicly offered structured bonds
  • We handle only highly rated bonds; we do not handle non-investment-grade bonds
  • We do not handle a private placement fund
  • We do not solicit individual foreign equities. We recommend foreign equities be held in investment trusts
  • Asset management companies are chosen for their trustworthiness and consistency
  • We do not solicit futures or options
  • We do not handle foreign exchange margin trades