Our company's activities for contributing to society started here.

Zhongdian District, Yunnan Province, China
Ichiyoshi Zhongdian Friendship Elementary School

In February 1996, a magnitude 7 earthquake struck China's Yunnan Province. We contributed the funds for construction of an elementary school to help with the recovery from this major disaster.

Activity Report on Ichiyoshi Mangrove Forest Project

The cumulative number of mangroves planted through the end of March 2023 in “Ichiyoshi Mangrove Forest Project” was 455,000 in total.Mangroves in Tapak Village in Semarang City, Indonesia, where we have taken part in this project since 2009 have been properly taken care of by the group of local residents.
Soil once exposed bare along the coast is now changing into a vast green land.Pekalongan city, Indonesia, where we have started our activity since 2014, is suffering more seriously from the rising of the sea level, and residents are facing damages with which “Makeshift measures” cannot deal. Therefore, beginning from 2015, we launched “Project Assisting Climate Change-Affected Communities”, and we have started a fact-finding survey on damages to seaside residents.